bladders of saline fluids bloat

flesh taut, translucent, dripping

my emotions squirting humorously

heavy, I contract my muscles to open myself

exposed, filthy, oily

the melancholy pours out

hollow, deflated, still twitching

the phlegmatic ache receding already

chased by that lubricating nostalgia

which dissolves the memory of pain

into an echoing pleasure in absentia

itself an acerbic, bubbling expectancy

I guzzle my poison for the enjoyment

of the expulsion

the pustule pop

a signal of my fecal fecundity

of the glorious dying

the nausea


that horrible twitching of the throat

always out of cosmic key

with myself

too low, yet also too high

that ancient poetry of a voiced velar stop

as I slip on my own tongue

wet from the wanting

so much energy is expended converting shapes into sounds

few acts as terrible as hearing our own

voices, unable to recognize them

we ought to rip out our own throats

in tribute to humble silence

were it not that the pretentious babble

be an undying singing to our great god

of meaning


a logarithmic forgetting

thickets growing in the path

dense leaves of trauma

stacked on shelves

spinal numbers fading

not where it's supposed to be

hidden plainly in a forest

fractured semantic strings

my brain a few syntax errors

maps of maps of maps


a misplaced book

great ideas I will never remember

lost inside my body

an incomplete thought


In cellular biology, cell (cell) suicide (suicide) is an effective means of stemming the spread of a pathogen (evil) throughout an organism (civitas)

As in all forms of necrotic (neurotic) cell (cell (cell)) death, cells (cells (cells (cells))) undergoing necroptosis (cell suicide) rupture and leak their contents into the intercellular space (interstellar space)

Necrotic cells (cells (cells (cells (cells)))) are cleared from the immune system (intelligentsia) by a mechanism called pinocytosis (cellular drinking)

This process is in contrast to removal of apoptotic (natural causes) cells (cells (cells (cells (cells (cells))))) by the immune system in which cells (cells (cells (cells (cells (cells (cells)))))) are removed via phagocytosis (cellular eating)

Necroptosis (cell suicide) is specific to vertebrates (what does it mean to have a soul?) and may have originated as an additional defense to pathogens (that feels good). Necroptosis also acts as an alternative "fail-safe" (failsafe) cell (cell (cell (cell (cell (cell (cell (cell))))))) death pathway (which way?)

(cells that go this way never come back)


can you smell it?

the pile of shit on top of the world

the byproduct of industrial alchemy

too complex to digest again

this summit of waste too profound to understand

the most complex object in the known universe

that remainder betraying system failure

it's stacking up

can you see it?

we can only hope there is some bacteria out there

that can break down what we can't

through thinking of some higher order

or maybe we will just have to keep on building

right on top of shit mountain