This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous, aggregate data and provide me with an analysis of my website's traffic. This data includes general statistics such as how many people are visiting my site, which pages people are opening, how they accessed my page (from Facebook, from search results, from typing the URL in directly, etc.), how long they're spending on the site, and which country they are connecting from. To make that happen, an invisible snippet of code in the page saves two cookies (one called _ga and one that starts with _ga and is appended by a randomly-generated ClientID) to your browser, and sends your IP address to Google. I myself do not see or use your IP address or other personally-identifiable information, only the trends. To learn more about Google Analytics and how they use your data in this context, view their partner privacy policy.

Google Analytics is turned off by default, and only activates once you opt in by clicking "Accept." Any data associated with your Google account can be managed at the My Activity dashboard. Currently, Google Analytics is set to retain cookie data from this site for 14 months after your last visit. You can prevent cookies from being saved on your computer in other ways such as browsing in a private or incognito window, installing Google's official opt-out add-on, or manually deleting the cookies. You can also set up a VPN to mask your browser's IP address from sites you visit (like mine, and by extension, Google Analytics).


At this time, there are no ads or other data-collecting software on my website, and the only other form of cookie or data storage I use are is the that tells me if you've accepted or declined my policy itself, which is a boolean term (a simple true/false statement) saved in your local storage as alexanderlik_accept_consent. Please note that these decisions are saved only to your current browser, and do not carry over between platforms and devices.

If you have questions or concerns, if something doesn't seem right, or if you'd like to have me submit a request to Google to delete your data, like always: reach out!


You can use the links below to update your consent preferences for my website. Please note that once you click "Decline," you will need to click "Delete All Cookies" in order to stop Google from tracking you.

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