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09/01/2020 - WHY WRITE?

Sketch of photograph by Paul Hudson from the United Kingdom of two pre-cuneiform tabs, depicting a goat or sheep and a number (most likely '10'), found in Al-Hasakah, Syria, from the Uruk culture dated 3300-3100 B.C.E., licensed under CC BY 2.0

I feel the impulse to write. Why? Long-form writing is not at a premium these days; the proliferation not only of the Internet, but also sensationalized media, cataclysmic news cycles, and liberal arts degrees has sent the 21st century reader into a tailspin of posts, articles, think pieces, and other takes of varying temperatures, swirling in an unstoppable chain reaction of parries and ripostes as they follow Google and Facebook in their race to the bottom of the click dollar. For most of human history, literacy of any kind has been reserved for a select few individuals, usually for the purposes of business, administration, and faith; even in the Enlightenment and modern periods, during which literature of all kinds issued forth from printing presses at a rapid pace, the actual creation and legitimization of literature and periodicals remained largely the domain of the intelligentsia.


04/17/2020 - WHAT IS A WEBLOG?

As you might have already guessed, this website is an exercise in deconstruction, or history, or nostalgia - a retroactive attempt, in the spirit of its Neocities host, to at least partially return to the Internet as it was - before Web 2.0 and the age of algorithms, before content was whisked away behind a PHP portal into the powerful and dangerous dimension of the Internet megacorporation, what some might misidentify as "the Cloud." While it would be self-centered and foolish to ignore the unfathomable changes brought upon by Web 2.0's unparalleled accessibility to the masses, it is also worth remembering the period of the Wild Wild Web, when those few who could code possessed an unparalleled freedom and creativity.